Absen Screen Calculator

ProductLine Cabinet Size
Combined Screen
ProductLine Cabinet Size 2
Pixel Pitch {{productMingxi.dianjianju}} {{productMingxi.ledlx}}
Cabinet Resolution {{productMingxi.xtfblW}} x {{productMingxi.xtfblH}} dots
{{productMingxi2.xtfblW}} x {{productMingxi2.xtfblH}} dots
Brightness {{productMingxi.nit}} nits
Required width(m) Required height(m)
Horizontal qty. Vertical qty.
Horizontal qty 2. Vertical qty 2.
Actual width(m) Actual height(m)
Sending box
Area(㎡) {{configurationList.sjmj}} Aspect Radio(W:H) {{configurationList.kgb}} Diagonal(m) {{configurationList.djxcd}} Weight(Kg) {{configurationList.ptzl}}
Resolution(W:H) {{configurationList.width}}×{{configurationList.height}} Main data cable {{configurationList.cwxslBM}} Sending box # of sending box {{configurationList.fshsl}}
Max Power/W {{configurationList.zdgh}} Avg Power/W {{configurationList.pjgh}} Main power cable {{configurationList.ygdyxdzBM}}
Output Configuration List
*Note: Information listed here for reference and estimation only. For data, power requirement and the sending box, etc.,please contact Absen for confirmation and more details.